Truth v.3313


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Status: archived
Aspects: speculative, economy, space
Team: Joseph Thanhäuser
Semester: C_2018


The work speculates on fictional results of such processes and questions. And proposes hybrid forms of architecture to illustrate the correlation between the built environment and social relations and society. The results are exaggerated visualisations of architectures which could be created within the concept of anarcho-capitalism, formally sourcing from hostile architectural elements, fences, walls, barbwires, barriers and walls. The images reflect on the effects which excessive theorisation and continuous marketisation of urban space could have and propose a critical reflection on these processes.


joseph_thanhaeuser-02-anarcho_kapitalismus_01_high.jpg joseph_thanhaeuser-02-anarcho_kapitalismus_02_high.jpg joseph_thanhaeuser-02-anarcho_kapitalismus_03_high.jpg joseph_thanhaeuser-02-anarcho_kapitalismus_04_high.jpg joseph_thanhaeuser-02-anarcho_kapitalismus_05_high.jpg joseph_thanhaeuser-02-anarcho_kapitalismus_06_high.jpg joseph_thanhaeuser-02-anarcho_kapitalismus_07_high.jpg

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