Truth v.3256


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Status: archived
Aspects: politics
Team: Maja Redlin Nils Kr├╝ger Hannah Englisch
Partners: Spector Books DEMOC
Semester: I_2021 BA


The first volume of this publication project covers the court case against the Halle assassin and problematizes the current discourse about right-wing terrorism.
Using DEMOCs protocols for a publication makes them available to academic and public discourse and enables distribution and contextualisation in libraries and the broader public.
The publication project comprises two books, each of which can be read separately, but which relate to and complement each other in terms of content and design. While the first volume documents all 26 days of the trial, the second volume contextualises both the trial itself and the crime and its background.
Both books place the Halle attack in a continuity of right-wing terror in Germany since 1945 and are intended to illuminate the trial as a legal and social form of dealing with this continuous form of terror.



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