Truth v.3199


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Status: archived
Aspects: health, equality
Team: Luise Menz Sophie Pischel Lena Würsching
Partners: Medi Netz Halle Freiwilligen-Agentur Halle-Saalkreis e.V. Pro Familia Leipzig Flüchtlings­frauenhaus Halle
Semester: I_2021 BA


The aim of the project is to promote dialogue between those in need and searching for health care and doctors, social workers, volunteers, aid organisations and the public. The ‘formats of dialogue’ we develop respond in their diversity to the multiplicity of circumstances, catering to the women*s’ diverse needs and aiming at embracing the plurality of perspectives. We provide an open access online register of resources as well as a publication informing about female* health care issues. We speak to medical professionals, social workers, volunteers and patients, do interviews and organise interdisciplinary panel discussions and hands-on workshops. To raise awareness about this issue we set up a poster campaign as well as graphic material to directly address politicians and express demands. We provide a network of resources, ‘formats of dialogue’ to facilitate access to health care for people with refugee and/or migration experience.

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