spatial, memorial


Lucía Alfaro




By documenting the unfinished bridges using photography, video and 3D software and proposing forms of representation in the digital, exhibition and publications a discourse around the built environment is being proposed. Questions on urban planning processes and access to public resources are being contextualised around the unfinished structures. The bridges are by now demolished completely. The project also attempts to create a digital and discursive monument from the ruins.


In Peru’s capital Lima access to public beaches is being structured by a dominant coastbound highway separating a big part of the residential areas from the sea. Plenty of informal pathways and informal trespassing are being used by residents. Only wealthier districts are connected to the sea with bridges and stairways. One of the major promises of early 2010s elections in Lima was extended public access to beaches. Seven bridges were proposed and planned. Some of which are in active use until today. Some have never been built. And some were started but have not been finished. As unfinished monuments they remind the public of the failed urban planning attempts and an administrative loophole around a corrupt construction process that took place during the late 2010s involving high range politicians of the Peruvian government and municipal administration.


screenshot-2021-07-14-at-13.12.48.png screenshot-2021-07-14-at-13.13.24.png screenshot-2021-07-14-at-13.14.28.png screenshot-2021-07-14-at-13.15.10.png screenshot-2021-05-18-at-08.17.41.png