Truth v.3318


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Status: archived
Aspects: spatial, human rights
Team: Insa Deist Anna Meïra Greunig Lila Steinkampf
Partners: Beyond Istanbul
Semester: A_2017


In cooperating with the group of lawyers and activists [SI] supported the investigation by making the circumstances around the fire visible. Contributing renderings of the spatial arrangements that led to the fire as well as the manipulation of the line of responsibility after the fire had occurred. The role of design was, by using renderings, photomontages and haptic models, to translate those selected elements of the court case and make aspects tangible and discussable in other forums.Images and models aimed at clarifying the risk being taken into account by those facilitating the construction at workers’ dispense and ultimately leading to eleven people dying. The title “Labor Murder” refers to fatal workplace accidents that could be prevented by following legally regulated safety rules. In Turkey, around 2,000 people die of work-related accidents each year.

A model of workers’ housing, and the large construction site of Marmara Park Shopping Mall, Istanbul, 3D print, plexiglass.
Renderings of three crime scene photos from the publication on the Esenyurt Marmara Park court case, digital print, 85×60 cm.
A publication on the Esenyurt Marmara Park court case, containing an interview with lawyer and activist Murat Deha Borudoglu, reproduction, digital print, A4.
On display during Burg Jahresausstellung 2017
The interview is also available as a video resource.


labour-murder-3d-print-exhibition.png labopur-murder-3d-model-3.png labopur-murder-3d-model-1.png labopur-murder-3d-model-2.png si-repro-on-labour0161.jpg tisch_render.jpg verteiler_render.jpg zelt_render.jpg tisch.jpg verteiler.jpg zelt.jpg labormurdergazettefertig3.pdf

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