Truth v.3283


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Status: ongoing
Aspects: migration, human-rights
Team: Johanna Wendel Luka Vonderau Lorenz Bohlmann Katja Ulbrich
Partners: Leave No One Behind
Semester: L_2022/23


Leave No One Behind is an organisation and a movement. They see themselves as a community for solidarity projects, provide a platform and generate attention through social media and high-profile projects.

The requested cooperation was relatively open. Due to time and capacity constraints, we decided to design merchandise for LNOB’s online store in a two-day workshop. It seemed to make sense to us to design T-shirts, as these make up the majority of the online store and, from experience, generate more attention. Based on the demands #LNOB formulates, motifs were created during the workshop that also address our cooperation with Sea-Watch. After we made a selection in exchange with LNOB, we decided to produce the shirts ourselves in a small edition of 36 pieces using screen printing and to sell them during the presentation.


● 23.01.31, Leave No One Behind Merch Workshop 

Responsive image Responsive image

● 22.10.03, previous campaign workshop 2022 


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