Truth v.3303


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Status: archived
Aspects: platform, spatial
Team: Bettina Nagler Karen Czock Greta Much Amelie Neb
Partners: Civixx Energie Avantgarde
Semester: I_2021


The project aims at connecting initiatives through an online platform, providing a shared space for local knowledge and practices as well as a place of exchange for specific needs and competencies facing the structural changes in the former eastern German coal regions. In addition facilitating access to small and mid-scale funding provided by the government and private corporations, in order to stabilise current cultural as well as economic activities. Allocating, bringing together, moderating and implementing co-creative solutions.
When presenting the platform to Stabsstelle Mitteldeutschland, the institution organising the process, they avoided clear plans to integrate the platform proposed - therefore a continuous development with CIVIC, Leipzig has been agreed on.


strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_16.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_17.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_18.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_19.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_20.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_21.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_22.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_23.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_24.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_03.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_05.jpg strukturwandel_prasentation_210712-2_page_02.jpg

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