Truth v.3216


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Status: archived
Aspects: human rights, memorial
Team: Insa Deist Anna Meïra Greunig Lila Steinkampf
Partners: Beyond Istanbul Hafıza Merkezi – Truth Justice Memory Center
Semester: A_2017


The website contains a three-dimensional re-visualization model of the destroyed Roboski monument. When moved to the digital realm it can no longer be demolished and can be experienced regardless of location.
Preserving still present information about the monument from Google Street View led to a series of works that show 10 placeholder spheres for possible monuments. They are located in neighbourhoods of Diyarbakır province where more than 30 civilians died during the curfews that have been put in place forcefully in December 2015 by the Turkish government.
Collecting and archiving data and representing this data aims at creating discourse around the memorials that are left undiscussed. Asking questions of hegemony and power structures by proposing commemoration.




csm_burg_gdp2017_ideist_agreunig_lsteinkampf_virtualmemory_03_brunsfaeth_lq_3b1d5e7a51.jpg virtual-memory-screenshot.jpg screenshot-2021-05-18-at-17.05.26.png screenshot-2021-05-18-at-17.05.50.png img_3467.jpg virtualmemorydoku.pdf-burg-box.pdf

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