violence, feminism, spatial, inclusivity


Lorenz Bohlmann, Natalia Kukina, Katharina Ruß


Wegweiser e.V.




Towards Shelter explores the topic of a women and children’s shelter as an example of transitional space from a graphic design and personal perspective.

We combined theoretical research on existing knowledge in the field with a more subjective, experimental, hands-on approach. Our practice is mainly outside the fields of architecture, psychology, or social work, therefore it was interesting for us to explore a shelter as a graphic system. The phenomenon we’re exploring is a complex one, similar to an organism or a rhizome, which is a network that connects any point to any other point, without a certain beginning or end point. Consequently, our investigation, following these traces, is also non-linear.

Our internal collaboration is structured around short experimental inquiries, that implement various artistic methods of work. Working with images, text, and audio recordings allows us to approach the phenomenon of shelter from different perspectives. Our observations serve as the ground for further exchange aimed at deepening our understanding of sheltering as a system. Through this, we find the underlying principles that describe a shelter space, its boundaries and its relation to the outside world.

With this publication, it is our goal to provide accessible entry points for others involved or interested in shelters, as well as a foundation for our own future collaborations. We hope to offer a novel angle on the topic, which can be of interest both for people who are completely new to the topic, and those in the field, who might have struggled with some operational blindness.



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