politics, equality, feminism, university, inclusivity, collectivity, critical-practice


Hana Podvršič, Paul Melzer, Gue Hyun Lee, Arto Schudy, Chiara Cunoci, Magdalena Meißner


International Office , BURG Halle




"Its hard to get inside their circle" - Publication Weltoffene Hochschule

Our "Weltoffene Hochschule" working group has took a look at various positions, experiences and perspectives at BURG. The various sub-groups have implemented and worked on various activities, topics and workshops. As a melting pot, we have produced a publication that collects and summarises the content of our work.The publication visualises our current state of work and serves as an archive with regard to further work on the topic of information design.

We have produced a publication to summarise and archive our work. This serves as a summary of our projects.In the publication, you can see the individual projects we have carried out, such as our workshops, the poster series and the dictionary.We asked students for photos from their everyday lives and combined these with the experiences and quotes of international students. These photos form the framework that runs through the entire publication.You will also find the laid-out interview that we were able to conduct with Bernhard and Diana from the International Office during the project week with the 1st year students. This project week also resulted in a series of posters on criticism in teaching, for example, which can also be found in the publication.
The entire publication is printed from existing material and is fixed by adhesive binding. The university printer was used as well as coloured ballot papers from the university. The cover consists of waste paper from the first sketches of the poster series initially made with the Riso printer.
We used the remaining material to make a small version of the booklet, which only contains the quotes from the student interviews.



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