Truth v.3276


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Status: archived
Team: Seifeldeen Elfouly
Semester: K_2022


A cartographical prototype that attempts to map out migratory practices, laws, and concepts on the geographical bases of “Strait of Gibraltar”. The interactivity element aims to deconstruct the ridged representations between Europe and the Other. Unlike traditional mapping practices, the viewer can navigate the geopolitical sphere of the West Mediterranean from his/her point(s) of view.
The technical process was initiated in a workshop by Anna Meïra Greunig , title as "Digital Narration", April 2022. The represented concepts are extracted from “On drifting”, a participatory lexicon, by the collective Calypso36°21, 2021.



3d_02.jpg 3d_03.jpg img_01.png img_02.png africa-euope-q90-q90.jpeg euope-africa-q90-q90.jpeg 3d_01.jpg screenshot-webpage.png

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