Truth v.3300


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Status: archived
Aspects: mapping
Team: Lina Herschel
Semester: A_2017


Based on the archive provided by the NGO Beyond Istanbul, a publication has been conceptualised collecting photographs and news coverage of the Gecekondu in Istanbul in the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. The archive gathers over 500 newspaper clippings from all kinds of newspapers in Turkey going back to the first mention in 1932.
The book is to be read as a timeline correlating jurisdictional concerns parallel to housing struggles and social movements. The project aims at activating the archive, making it more present in public discourse and creating visibility of this grassroots counter practice for urban spatial development.

publication, wall mapping


si-repro-gecekondu0078.jpg si-repro-gecekondu0087.jpg si-repro-gecekondu0085.jpg si-repro-gecekondu0077.jpg si-repro-gecekondu0075.jpg si-repro-gecekondu0081.jpg si-repro-gecekondu0088.jpg 02_infodesign_sose17_lina_timeline_starting-point.jpg 01_infodesign_sose17_lina_timeline.jpg

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